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- Get a universal credit card - that has no foreign exchange fees I recommend a Visa or a MasterCard.
- Alert your credit card company that you will be traveling! Getting declined for potential fraud in public is embarrassing don't let this be you
- If you plan to obtain a credit card specifically for travel benefits get it when the company is having a "big" promotion. For example - 50K miles after spending X amount in three months or what have you.
Credit Cards I recommend: Barclays Jet Blue (no black out dates), Chase Sapphire, Chase United, Amex Delta. These cards also offer free international baggage for you and everyone in your party (you have to book with the same card). If interested in any of these cards use my referral links below - we both can win! Please email if you have ANY questions or concerns about them prior.
Delta SkyMiles Amex: 
Chase United: 
- Get a luggage scale! So you know the weight of your luggage before you get to the airport.
- Get a travel adapter - Once you leave the US, Mexico & the Caribbean the wall outlets are different and you don't want to destroy your devices.
- Get a WiFi hotspot - Do your research - I have a Sky Roam its ok - it gets the job done, but its slower then I would like.
- Get Global Entry! Global Entry also includes TSA pre check. I applied for Global Entry for free when I applied for my Chase United credit card, its valid for five years.
- Always have a picture of your passport - a physical photocopy or a picture in your phone should suffice.
- Females when traveling solo get a door jammer for mental peace. You slide it under the door and no one can enter your space from outside.
- Female solo travelers get a blue tooth selfie stick/ tripod - Mine is by JOBY I got it from the Apple store it was less then $100.
- Exchange your money at home or in a bank at your destination to avoid fees. If you have the Bank of America app you can have the money delivered to your doorstep.
- Call your cell phone provider and ask about roaming charges or just stay on airplane mode.
- Bring ammonium with you - my mom always tells me this and I still don't but my last trip I wish I listened, activated charcoal pills have the same effect. Basically it helps with any stomach issues you may come across from drinking foreign water or eating the food.
- If you want to buy luxury items buy them outside of the country so you can get your VAT- Value Added Tax back. If you plan on applying for VAT see if you can get the refund in the store, if not plan on arriving to the airport early to get it done.
- Get a black light. You can order one on Amazon. I use this to look at sheets and towels and surfaces in my accommodation before I get comfortable - #CoronaTings
- I highly recommend you bring a first aid kit! You can get one from Target for $5.
All my travel blog post can be found here : https://ashleyyysadventure.wixsite.com/abb88

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