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All you need to pack is a bunch of SKYN Suits. 

When traveling to Tulum, Cancun is the closest airport. Cancun is two hours from Tulum - How do I get there? You have a few options you can take the ADO bus I believe it’s about $10 USD – you can get it from the airport and it drops you to a central point in #Tulum. If you are staying in a resort I'm sure they can arrange a pick up, or you can rent a car. We went with the rent a car option. Renting a car is pretty inexpensive for a week, just make sure to get the insurance and take pictures of the car for peace of mind. The drive itself is pretty easy its one straight road.

WHERE to STAY: We ended up staying in an Airbnb in Aldea Zama, I recommend this area because its right in between the town and the beach. The beach is about 8 minutes away, and “the strip “is about 8 minutes the other way. I listed the Airbnb I stayed in below. It has two bedrooms and three full bathrooms - there is a pool, grill, and bicycles you can use. If you are WFH the WIFI is reliable the power did go out one day for a few hours - but overall you shouldn't have any real issues.


- Rosa Negra – for dinner - This place is a must - Great Food! Great presentation! if you go here make a reservation & tell them it is your birthday!

- Mezzanine – for breakfast or sunset – its right on the beach the views are amazzzing!

- Del Cielo – for breakfast – I went here twice because one time was not enough.

Burrito Amor - this is in “real Tulum” AKA not on the strip - still very close to everything with bomb burritos!

- Matcha Mama- go here for your outside swing picture- smoothies and smoothie bowls !

- Tropi Tacos – Quick Tacos. I went here two nights in a row… the first night better than the second but I felt obligated to go for Taco Tuesday!

- Gitano Jungle Room – The food was cool. The vibes were cool but its pricey AF. Everything is tapas style. So, if you are ODee hungry do not go here 😊 && if you tell them its your birthday here, they give you tequila shots. 

Other Restaurant Recommendations I did not personally try…..

- Sabor del Mar (I’m mad I missed this place it’s supposed to be great seafood)
- Kitchen Table
- Mateos / La Eufemia (tacooooooos)
- Mi Amor

When eating out always make sure to check your receipts for accuracy. “Propina” means tip is already included. Also some places do not take credit card and then there are the places that charge credit card fees so be sure to inquire before you eat.

-If you are interested in getting massages but are a staying in a Airbnb or want the masseuse to come to you, hit up Eugyn ! Her and her team are a whole vibe ! I didn't want them to leave, it was definitely a great massage ! Her IG handle is @EugynBeltran

- Hit “the strip” – this is the main road where all your IG favs pose for pics. Literally everything is here , the mixxy resturants, the sculptures, and signs everyone wants to see.

- Casa Malca- This was Pablo Escobar's former home, I am sure you have seen it all over Instagram. There is a bunch of dope contemporary art inside. This place is iffy though. I read on some blogs just buy a drink at the restaurant and they will let you in. I have heard other people say its $45 USD to get in. When I arrived I was told its $100 USD per person, $50 was a food voucher and the other $50 dollars for entry. I basically looked at the lady like "Na". So she said you know what pretend we never saw each other and we were able to walk in for FREE. Thank God ! because it started raining 10 minutes after we arrived *eye roll*.

I believe the reason the hotel is always changing the rules is because they are trying to keep this place exclusive. Casa Malca is now a $500/ $600 USD a night boutique hotel - I can imagine how guest would be annoyed with the traffic. BUT don’t let this discourage you, try your luck!

- Ven a Luz Scuplture @ the Ahau Hotel. If you can, go see “Asana” as well, sculpture also by Daniel Popper.


- Follow that Dream Sign – there are a plethora of motivational signs all over Tulum, its really nice to see. This sign is located in front of Lolita Lolita – you can put it in your GPS –

SIDENOTE – if you are using GPS on your phone I found that my Apple Maps didn’t always work but Google Maps held me down!

- Akamul Monkey Sanctuary- If traveling with a child this is very child friendly - During this tour we went ATVing, visited a zoo, and a cenote. A cenote (pronounced se- no- tay) is a natural body of water - there are various types. This is a very Mexican thing to do and a dope experience. If you book this tour early they have discount codes on their website.


- Some of the better Cenotes – Cenote Calavera, Gran Cenote, Cenote Dos Ojos, Cenote Jardin de Eden, Cenote Xkeken, Cenote Ik Kil @ Chichen Itza, Cenote Maya.

-Mayan Ruins – if visiting during COVID -19 you can still see the ruins from the sea ; but it is not the same ….. Boats are offered from the beach that will take you past the ruins.

If you have time take a tour of Chichen Itza – #ChichenItza is the most impressive ruins in Mexico, it is actually one of the 7 world wonders. If you go BRING SUN SCREEN. The day I visited Chichen Itza was one of the hottest days of my life - mind you I was in high school when I went to Chichen Itza and I still remember the place being hot AF a decade plus later.

- Beachhhhhhh. What is a tropical vacay without hitting up the beach a few times? Be sure to pack your SKYN SUITS!

CASH MONEY: Like I told ya'll in the Thailand post ( if you haven’t read it go read it !) Change your money at home ( you can do this through your bank app and they will deliver it to your doorstep). Or change your money when you get there - but do not change it in the airport! 

When I travel I don’t exchange much cash usually like $200/ $300 USD for the little places that don’t take card, for the coconut man on the side of the road, for parking etc… I usually just walk with a credit card (to get my miles duh!) .

FX Rates are always changing but these were the rates in September 2020.

$1 USD for 22 MXP (Mexican Pesos)
$10 USD for 220 MXP
$100 USD for 2200 MXP

If you do not change your money at home and plan to use USD they will accept it but they will never give you the bank rate-

ASHLEY TIP: I said this before I’m going to say it again because its super importante ! Make sure you :

1. Bring a Universal Credit Card ( Visa or Mastercard),
2. Contact your credit card company pre travel to let them know the dates you plan to travel ( you can usually do this in the app)
3. Make sure your credit card has NO FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEES! Imagine being charged a fee for each swipe. Tuhhhh !

Mexico is one of the only countries currently not requiring a COVID 19 test. Don't let this deter you, I will say I felt extremely safe while I was there. Whenever you enter any establishment they require you to wear mask, they take temperatures, make you step in a solution, and they make you wash your hands and/ or use hand sanitizer.

Last but not least…….Tulum is a jungle city, and its hot AF so make sure you walk with your SUNSCREEN and your BUG REPELLANT. In a few of my pictures you will see me with a “anklet” on - those anklets deter the bugs, the smell isn't as strong as a normal bug repellant, so it won't clash with your perfume.

Now go book that TULUM trip - If you have any additional questions let me know !

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